The Los Angeles Basketball League is a premier youth basketball program in the San Fernando Valley and city of Los Angeles, that offers the highest quality basketball training by experienced staff and knowledgable coaches who not only played the game at high levels, but believes the game of basketball plays an important role in life’s everyday triumphs and tribulations. The Los Angeles Basketball League offers all players a challenging and rewarding opportunity and our programs are open to both, developmental and elite players. Our staff knows exactly what it takes to get your child to the next level of their game. We promote the importance of TEAM and we place a strong emphasis on HARD WORK & DEDICATION.

What makes OUR program different from the others?



Our staff identifies each player’s strength’s and weaknesses and determines the best possible route to their development.  The LA Basketball League staff provides honest feedback and customizes workouts, drills and training to best suit our players. We do not offer useless drills and counterproductive workouts. Repetition, hard work inside and outside of practice is the key to maximum development.



One of the main things most programs do not emphasize enough or at all, is detail to the small things. The LA Basketball League stresses the importance of detail in drills, workouts and games. It’s difficult to teach these detailed techniques when you have too many players in a program and not enough coaches or trainers to teach the players the importance of fine tuning your skills with detail. We offer detailed trainings and workouts to help each player, regardless of skill level and experience. Combined with our coaching staff and training regimen, the right mindset, an emphasis on commitment, hard work and dedication from the player, you are guaranteed to see maximum results.



As we all know, youth basketball can get quite expensive. We work with everyone to make sure we don’t turn players away due to financial reasons.  We offer promotions for siblings and family members. We offer three to four practice days per week at an affordable and unbeatable price. Our programs are year round, so it ensures your child will stay active and focused on getting better and improving, year after year.




In the early and late 90s,  you can drive down any neighborhood and see kids outside running, throwing a football, or chasing after each other on their bicycles. You can take a stroll through your local park or recreation center and see kids playing basketball, baseball and soccer. Fast forward almost 20 years later and you see less and less of that in your neighborhoods and parks with the emergence of social media and technology overall.

The trend is so alarming that in today’s society eight to 18 year old adolescents spend an average of 7.5 hours a day using entertainment media including TV, computers, video games, cell phones and movies in a typical day and only one-third of high school students get the recommended levels of physical activity. When you put that into perspective, our youth spends the majority of their off time, when away from school or those who work,  on social media, game consoles, smart phones or tablets. You don’t see that many children playing outside anymore. Even more concerning, you don’t see that many adults staying active either. The LABL wants increase the physical activity our youth and many adults need to live active and healthy lifestyles during their young and well into their adult lives.  The LABL wants to motivate those who enjoy the game of basketball that just by playing and playing hard, playing to win, you will be rewarded.

The LABL wants their players and participants to develop and maintain relationships, that assists with maintaining a foundation to be better people and team players on and off the court. The LABL wants to provide our youth an outlet to compete and live an active life style, while at the same time, play the game they love: basketball.  We invest into our organization and players by giving back and providing the best possible locations, gyms, equipment, prizes and ref’s to make this the best possible organization you can be apart of. We’re always looking to improve and cater to everyone who participates.

The LABL thrives on competition and to ensure the competition is always at an all time high and does its best to match teams evenly. The goal is to expand our tournaments and leagues all over California and spread the word that the LABL is showcasing a fresh and modern feel to organized basketball. With the help of everyone involved, the LABL hopes to become a major power-house in organized basketball in California and eventually all over the US & Europe.