We are are seeking sponsors from companies that will allow your business to spread brand awareness and increase public outreach. We offer a platform for your business to place products or services in front of a specific target audience online, as well as in person.  We believe in our product and service and we want everyone to be apart of this new, modernized approach to organized basketball.

Why Us?

Our licensed staff has dedicated its time to develop an organization that caters to players. This organization was created by players, for players. The owners understand the importance of having high quality gymnasiums, proven referee’s, organized time/score and stat keepers and most importantly incentives to keep the competitive edge high and keep our players engaged in the essence of competition. It’s surprising how harder and more dedicated people play when they’re competing for something. This teaches the importance of unity.

Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons that separate us from the rest:

> Shooting Gun training + impeccable YOUTH training/skills clinics.

> We research and secure the highest quality gymnasiums and outdoor terrain available.

> Knowledgeable licensed staff dedicated to player needs.

> Finally, our team understands basketball because we’ve actually played the game for 20+ years.

In addition to our approach, we’ve also noticed an alarming trend in today’s society. With the emergence of how advanced technology has become over the last 7 years or so, our youth has become stagnant, in terms of daily physical activity.

Nearly one-third of adolescents ages 7-18 do not receive the required amount of exercise needed.  They’re spending roughly 8 hours per day on their media devices. This means a lot more kids are sitting in front of their video game consoles, staring at their cell phones and tuning everything else out. Not only is our youth suffering with little to no physical activity, 20% of our adults are not exercising either. We want to change that and initiate a movement: ​

Stay Active. Live Healthy.

That’s right.  If you Stay Active, you’ll Live Healthy.  This organization is the perfect fit to create a movement and bring attention to parents, teachers, coaches- anyone with or without children who are looking to get motivated to get involved in the game of basketball to just be active. We want to provide our local communities an activity that lasts all year long were they can compete, build character and understand unity while being rewarded for outstanding play. Please give us a few details about yourself or your company and we will contact you shortly.